Villa Magra - Frantoio Franci

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Villa Magra - Frantoio Franci

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil


REGION Tuscany - Made in Italy

PRODUCER Frantoio Franci

PRODUCT 3 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2020/2021 


 FOOD Villa Magra - Frantoio Franci
Appetizers & Bruschetta
Cheese XX
Egg X
Green Salad & Vegetable XXX
Legume & Soup XXX
Pasta & Risotto XX
Meat XXX
Sushi XXX
Pizza XXX
Sauce & Pesto X


SCENTS Scents of Chicory, Green Tomato, Artichoke, White& Black Pepper.

AROMAS Aromas of Artichoke, Green Pepper, Green Walnut, Pot Herbs. Medium Bitterness, Medium Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Bruschetta & Sandwich, Cheese, Egg, Vegetable, Risotto, Meat, Pizza, Sushi, Sauce, and Pesto.

Intensity, equilibrium, and extremely high quality: these are the key features of Villa Magra EVO oil. When it comes to top-quality Italian EVOO production, Frantoio Franci is a trailblazer: already during the ‘80s the Franci family transformed their traditional oil mill into a modern mechanical one which functioned following the rules of modern extraction methods; the family has always invested in quality, and that shows in their awesome products.

VILLA MAGRA, whose name comes from that of the olive grove from which this extraordinary EVOO gets its appellation, is one of the most awarded Blend EVO oils in the world. In the olfactory and tasting analysis, vegetable scents of almonds, artichokes, and grass, as well as spicy tones, are harmonically recognizable at every tasting.

“We were virtually unknown. Our size and structure did not allow us to be competitive with the big producers. Furthermore, our skills in producing great oils were not matched by our commercial ability. It was then that we decided to make quality our goal; a challenging prospect, but a challenge which we eagerly embraced as the only way forward; true, genuine quality, absolute with no compromise.” cit Frantoio Franci