Sabina PDO - Frantoio Narducci


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Sabina PDO - Frantoio Narducci - Lazio

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Sabina PDO

CULTIVAR Blend Salviana, Frantoio, Itrana

REGION Lazio - Made in Italy

PRODUCER Frantoio Narducci

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022


 FOOD Sabina PDO - Frantoio Narducci
Appetizers & Bruschetta
Cheese XXX
Egg X
Green Salad & Vegetable X
Legume & Soup X
Pasta & Risotto XXX
Meat XX
Sushi X
Pizza XXX
Sauce & Pesto XX


SCENTS Grass, Oregano, Balsamic Herbs, Green Apple, Lemon, Almond, Pine Nuts, Green Tomato, Artichoke, Thistle, White Pepper.

AROMAS Oregano, Lemon & Orange, Almond, Rocket, Chicory, White and Green Pepper. Medium Bitterness, Medium Pungency.

IDEAL FOR  Appetizer, Cheese, Fish Salad, Vegetables, Pasta, White Meat, Pizza.

Historical company founded in the heart of the Sabina region by Mario Narducci in 1959. More precisely, the azienda is located in Moricone, a village of nearly 3000 inhabitants near Rome, on a hilly area about 300 meters above sea level. In the area, the company is a central hub for the production of high quality olive oil.

“In all the fragrances and flavors of our products we can find the ancient traditions and discipline passed down in our family generation to generation, years after years. The care put in every single phase of the production, starting from olive cultivation, the importance of healthy agriculture, the application of ancient philosophies constantly integrated by the most advanced technologies geared towards constant innovation and maximum results – for over three generations secrets and values have been handed down to make the best out of our olives, and transform them into the delicious extra virgin olive oil on our tables.”

“Although our brand focuses on making products of absolute excellence, we never forget to value genuineness, and we hold the highest respect for the environment. During our operations, all waste materials are either processed or recycled.”