Giove - Depalo - Puglia


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Giove - Depalo

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Coratina 100%

REGION Apulia Made in Italy

PRODUCER Az. Agr. Depalo

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022


 FOOD Giove - Depalo
Appetizers & Bruschetta
Cheese XXX
Egg X
Green Salad & Vegetable XX
Legume & Soup XXX
Pasta & Risotto XX
Meat XXX
Sushi X
Pizza XX
Sauce & Pesto X
Desserts with Chocolate


SCENTS Chicory, Almond, Artichoke, Grass, Green Olive, Basil, Thyme, Sage, Tomato Leaf, Black & White pepper.

AROMAS Almond, Artichoke, Chicory, Thyme, Rosemary, Black pepper, Rocket, Clove, Liquorice root. Intense Bitterness, Intense Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Bruschetta & Sandwich, Aged Cheese, Vegetable, Legume, Risotto, Meat, Fish, Pizza, Dessert with chocolate.

The colours of the sky, the sun, the sea and the earth are enclosed in Azienda Agricola Depalo’s logo, an abstract which leaves your mind free to interpret all the hidden meanings behind it.

“The history of the Depalo family is intertwined with the branches moved by the wind and the perfume of sea breeze. Heavy and illuminated by the sun, the olive trees are full of fruits. Farmers since three generations, the love for the land runs through their veins. With Savino, the third generation, the cultivation of olive trees is facing a new challenge: the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil.” Depalo website.

Even just from these words, we can perceive that the passion, love and true respect of Depalo for their land, the environment and above all for their olive trees and extra virgin olive oils are true; all that is even more emotionally involving when you try their products – and especially their EVOOs – in which these words become the tangible expression of their philosophy.