Extra Virgin Olive Oils - Vegetarian & Vegan

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3 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oils for Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes. Try them on grilled or stuffed vegetables, vegan burgers, tofu recipes, legumes, soups, and more.

  • 1 Bottle of "GangaLupo Coratina" by Az. Agr. Bisceglie Maria 500ml
  • 1 Bottle of "Mantenera Organic" by Az. Mantenera 500ml
  • 1 Bottle of "Sardegna PDO" by Accademia Olearia 500ml

Coratina - GangaLupo

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Coratina 100%

REGION Apulia Made in Italy

PRODUCER GangaLupo - Az. Bisceglie Maria

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Scents of Chicory, Artichoke, Rocket, Tomato Leaf, Mint, Lime.

AROMAS Aromas of Chicory, Artichoke, Rocket, Mint, Pepper. Intense Bitterness, Medium Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Ideal for grilled or stuffed vegetable, vegan burger.

TRY IT ALSO ON Try it also on: Bruschetta & Sandwich, Fresh Cheese, Vegetable, Legume, Soup, Pasta, Meat, Fish, Pizza, Sauce & Pesto.

Mantenera Organic - Az. Agr. Mantenera

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Blend Leccino, Majatica, Coratina

REGION Basilicata - Made in Italy

PRODUCER Az. Agr. Mantenera

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Rocket, Artichoke, Green Almond, Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary, Grass, Green Sweet Pepper.

AROMAS Artichoke, Rocket, Chicory, Walnut Rosemary, Bay leaves. Intense Bitterness, Intense Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Stewed vegetables and green salads.

TRY IT ALSO ON  Appetizers & Bruschetta, Green Salad, Vegetarian & vegan recipe, White and Red Meat, Pizza.

Sardegna PDO "Fruttato Verde" Riserva del Produttore - Accademia Olearia - Tenute Fois

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Sardegna PDO

CULTIVAR Blend - Bosana & Semidana

REGION Sardinia - Made in Italy

PRODUCER Accademia Olearia

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Olive leaf, grass, fennel, pot herbs, marjoram, apple, walnut, almond, tomato leaf, thistle, chard, celery, white pepper.

AROMAS Basil, almond, walnut, artichoke, chard, lettuce, olive, spinach,  white pepper. Light Bitterness, Medium Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Ideal for Legumes and Soups.

TRY IT ALSO ON Green Salads, Vegetable, Veg & Vegan recipes, Fish, Vegetable Pizza.