Caravaggio - Frantoio Tini


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Caravaggio - Frantoio Tini

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Dritta 100%

REGION Abruzzo Made in Italy

PRODUCER Frantoio Tini

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2020/2021


 FOOD Caravaggio - Frantoio Tini
Appetizers & Bruschetta
Cheese XXX
Egg X
Green Salad & Vegetable XXX
Legume & Soup XX
Pasta & Risotto XXX
Meat XX
Sushi X
Pizza XX
Sauce & Pesto X


SCENTS Artichoke, Green Walnut, Chicory, Rocket, Clove, Oregano, Green Citrus

AROMAS Almond, Artichoke, Rocket, Chicory, Liquorice root. Intense Bitterness, Intense Pungency

IDEAL FOR Appetizers, Fresh Cheese, Vegetable, Legume, Soup, Pasta, Meat, Lake & Sea Fish, Pizza, Sauce & Pesto.

Tradition, culture and high quality are Frantoio Tini trademarks.
Surrounded by the beautiful Abruzzo’s hills, the Oil Mill Tini is family managed on a continuous basis with care and passion since 1921. Handed from generation to generation, the family members have always kept the high standards of quality of the olive milling and the olive oil production. Improving the production process from year to year it stays consistent, deliberately in the handicraft way a cutting-edge processing and a controlled production of an excellent quality olive oil.” (from Frantoio Tini Website)

The attention put in every step of the production process is the key feature of Frantoio Tini, in an effort to constantly increase the quality of their products and the nutraceutical impact of their EVOOs. Their philosophy is also enriched by a pinch of novelty: the Evolution Project, a traceability system thanks to which it is possible to follow the journey of the EVOO production at every step of the process, and to get every information on the provenance of the fruits, and the details and characteristics of the different production phases (e.g. temperature, duration of the malaxing and that of the other stages, bottle barcode).