Extra Virgin Olive Oils - Italy from the North to the South

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3 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italy.

Liguria presents a very unique landscape: the Alpi mountains directly overlook the sea, making the work of the farmers so difficult that agriculture is somehow defined as “heroic”. The peculiar way that they found to facilitate their agri-work was the construction of terracing (typical dry-stone walls) rewarded even by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Abruzzo is a small region in Central Italy, bordering Lazio (the region where Rome is located) to the west and the Adriatic sea to the east. Abruzzo is known to be “the greenest region in Europe”, as almost half of its area is set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves.

Puglia, or Apulia, is one of the Southern regions of Italy. This area is the heart of Italian olive oil production, and when you try EVO oil from Apulia it’s almost as if you could taste the product of the region’s wellness, and when this extraordinary setting meets the enormous skills of the producers and millers of Apulia, you are sure to try one of the best expressions of Extra virgin olive oil.

  • 1 Bottle of "Ruxia" by Sommariva 500ml
  • 1 Bottle of "Caravaggio" by Frantoio Tini 500ml
  • 1 Bottle of "Giove" by Az. Agr. Depalo 500ml

Ruxia - Sommariva

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic

CULTIVAR Blend Taggiasca, Pignola, Merlina, Colombara, Leccina, Frantoio

REGION Liguria - Made in Italy

PRODUCER Sommariva Srl

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Olive and olive leaf, chamomile, jasmine, basil, green pear, sweet almond, lettuce, hay.

AROMAS Sweet almond, pine nuts, olive, chard. Light Bitterness, Light Pungency.

IDEAL FOR  Fresh Cheese, Egg, Risotto, Sea Fish, Shellfish, Fruit, Dessert, Ice Cream.

Caravaggio - Frantoio Tini

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Dritta 100%

REGION Abruzzo Made in Italy

PRODUCER Frantoio Tini

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Artichoke, Thistle, Olive, Spinach, Black Pepper, Grass, Bay Leaf, Green Citrus.

AROMAS Chicory, olive, rocket, artichoke, almond, bay leaf, oregano, black pepper, green pepper. Medium Bitterness, Medium Pungency

IDEAL FOR Appetizers, Fresh Cheese, Vegetable, Pasta, White Meat, Sauce & Pesto.

Giove - Depalo

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CULTIVAR Coratina 100%

REGION Apulia Made in Italy

PRODUCER Az. Agr. Depalo

PRODUCT 1 glass bottle x 500ml

CROP YEAR 2021/2022

SCENTS Chicory, Almond, Artichoke, Grass, Green Olive, Basil, Thyme, Sage, Tomato Leaf, Black & White pepper.

AROMAS Almond, Artichoke, Chicory, Thyme, Rosemary, Black pepper, Rocket, Clove, Liquorice root. Intense Bitterness, Intense Pungency.

IDEAL FOR Bruschetta & Sandwich, Aged Cheese, Vegetable, Legume, Risotto, Meat, Fish, Pizza, Dessert with chocolate.