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Sardinia - The farm consists of more than 200 hectares of land with over 25.000 olive trees, with the predominant cultivar being the Bosana variety; for their EVOOs, the Fois enrich the characteristic notes and quality of their olive oils by selecting other native and national cultivars to add to the Bosana.

The harvest of the olives is carried out by mechanical means, with the fruits being picked up directly from the trees, and just before the moment of full maturation. The harvesting takes place from mid-October to the end of December. The olives are pressed in a modern plant which works at a continuous cycle, and the product is grinded within 12 hours from the harvesting. With all their love and care for the olive trees, the constant control of temperature (which goes never higher than 27° C) during the pressing , the precise timing of extraction, and the highest possible standard of FOOD SAFETY and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) applied to the procedure, the Fois family guarantees the high quality of their extra virgin olive oils, characterized by an intense fruity freshness balanced by aromas of different fruits and vegetables.