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Why choose us?

We are the only online shop run by two extra virgin olive oil Sommeliers, who taste every EVO oil we sell. We choose to combine these EVOOs by territory, recipes and their uses in the kitchen in our pairing boxes.

We choose for you the ones that excited us the most, that are 100% Made in Italy, that have a strong link with their territory and their olive groves (many secular), that have the best value for money, that perfectly match your recipes and that are as careful as possible to the environment, sustainability and organic and certified production (DOP and IGP).

We are not a supermarket with thousands of bottles, we do not aim for the lowest price but the highest quality. By purchasing on our website you will be sure of receiving quality extra virgin olive oils, carefully selected by us. You will also have the opportunity to purchase several EVOO bottles from various manufacturers in one single cart at manufacturers' prices and the security of fast, safe and international shipping (to all EU countries and beyond).

Choose to fall in love with high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a healthy, natural and sustainable product that will make your recipes healthier and tastier!

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